Woodland and Wetland Trails

Hikers will enjoy the beauty of the woodlands and wetlands as they hike throughout the Conservancy on two primary trails.  These trails will be cleared of downed logs, debris and all projecting limbs within the 5 foot wide and 8 foot high clearance. The trail itself will be 6 foot wide and approximately 6,000 feet in length.  Decomposed red granite native the area will form the trail where there is reasonable grade and access. Additionally, 875 feet of raised walkway will be used throughout the trail when required for ease of access.  

Along the trail, there will be three overlook decks featuring spectacular views.  Additionally, designated sitting areas will be strategically placed for rest. When you reach the lake, a covered deck and pier will provide pristine views to Kopmeier Lake.  As you wind your way through the wetland and woodland trails, Polish wayside shrines will be a reminder of the heritage of the area.


Kopmeier Lake

Over ten acres in size, Kopmeier Lake is one of a few glacier lakes in Milwaukee County.  Created by the Ice Age over 10,000 years ago, it is spring fed and a jewel of nature attracting wildlife of all kinds.

Together, the Nature Trails and Kopmeier Lake provide an educational and unique experience on historic conservancy land.

The Nature Trails and Kopmeier Lake serve as an "environmental learning lab."

Cheryl, stage three ovarian cancer survivor

"Walking through the towering trees, smelling the scent of sweet flowers and shrubs, sitting by the shimmering  pond, hearing the birds and butterflies flutter around, this is nature's gift of healing, it brings joy into my heart, and health into  my soul.  The gifts of nature surround me and fill my spirit with the calmness of a single rose, the energy of a bubbling brook, and the peace of life on Earth which allows my body to heal.  Having the Conservancy for Healing and Heritage in our community is such a wonderful place for us to gather our peaceful thoughts, rid ourselves of stress, and begin our journeys of healing our bodies and spirits."

Sponsor the Nature Trails

Naming rights for the Trails is $500,000.  Other sponsorship options are available.  No gift is to small. And we appreciate every one. 

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