Woodland and Wetland Trails - open to public spring 2020

Hikers will enjoy the beauty of the woodlands and wetlands as they hike throughout the Conservancy on nearly two miles of woodland and wetland trails.    

Along the lake trail, there will be three overlook decks featuring spectacular views.  Additionally, designated sitting areas will be strategically placed for rest. When you reach the lake, a covered deck and pier will provide pristine views of Kopmeier Lake.  As you wind your way through the wetland and woodland trails, Polish style inspirational shrines will be a reminder of the heritage of the area.


Kopmeier Lake

Over ten acres in size, Kopmeier Lake is the only glacier lake in Milwaukee County. Created by the Ice Age over 10,000 years ago, it is spring fed and a jewel of nature attracting wildlife of all kinds.

UPDATE!! A DNR survey of the lake found no invasive species of any type.  Water quality is excellent and there is NO environmental degradation present. It  is a beautiful lake, the best in Milwaukee County.  We promise to keep it this perfect for generations to come. 

The nature trails and Kopmeier Lake provide an educational and unique experience on historic conservancy land.

Exploring and Learning

There is something for everyone at the Conservancy

There is nothing quite like it anywhere else.  A sparkling, spring-fed body of water that plunges 35ft deep.  On the high ground above this glacial lake is a forest of high-quality hardwoods with a forest floor alive with flowers and mushrooms. This idyllic retreat is a little jewel that has been hiding in plain sight for well over a century.  

And it's on its way to being one of the most attractive and innovative nature preserves in the state.  

The Lake and Nature Trails will be accessible to everyone and serve as an "environmental learning lab" for all ages.  What can you learn at the Conservancy?  

  • You can learn about the forest habitat including various plant and wildlife species.  Bird migration in the Spring along with resident birds who call the Conservancy home.  

  • We'll serve as a study lab for students. They will learn and work on the Conservancy, helping us manage the land while studying a vast array of conservation, environmental and health topics. There is no destination that offers unique educational lessons like these for all ages.

  • And you'll have opportunities to learn about conservation, forest bathing and preserving our environment from experts. You may want to explore on your own the nooks and crannies of the Trails, observing nature undisturbed.  Who knows what you'll discover!

The Conservancy serves a broad and beneficial range of interests: environmental, conservation, health and well-being, education and heritage.


Educational Partnerships

 We are pleased to have Franklin High School ECO Club and AP Environmental Sciences classes as learning partners.  Students assist with land stewardship by monitoring flora and fauna, identifying invasive species, and developing initiatives to maintain an ecological balance on the property.  The high school’s environmental curriculum is supported and enhanced by our partnership, as field studies allow the property to serve as an "environmental learning lab" outdoor classroom.  We are confident that our collaborative efforts will enhance and maintain the quality of the Conservancy, while creating well-informed young men and women, ready to continue to make a difference in society.  

Additional partnerships are welcome.  Contact us for more information.

International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine

"There has been rigorous evidence showing the therapeutic effects of forests.  First, the forest environment can boost the immune system by increasing the number of natural killer cells, which may facilitate recovery from cancer. Second, forests can relieve the symptoms of environmental diseases.  Third, forests can improve psychological stability in patients with depression and alcoholism. Finally, forests offer many other benefits such as improving cognitive ability.  A study showed a 30 min trek decreased negative feelings such as stress, depression, anger, fatigue, anxiety and confusion and improved cognitive skills. gather our peaceful thoughts, rid ourselves of stress, and begin our journeys of healing our bodies and spirits."

Sponsor the Nature Trails

Naming rights for the Trails is $500,000.  Other sponsorship options are available.  No gift is to small. And we appreciate every one. 

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