Today, physicians and patients alike understand that natural environments can interact with the central nervous system to reduce stress responses, which can favorably influence the outcome of diseases that are characterized by an over activation of the stress response.  

​The Conservancy's future We Energies Foundation Healing Garden is nearly an acre and on the same land as the majestic forest of historic trees.  The trees create a canopy during all seasons providing the visitor an experience which is world-class. The Garden is specifically designed to provide the visitor with the natural environment to reduce stress responses. This affects the endocrine, cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems.  Areas for rest, reflection and rejuvenation will be abundant.    

The future We Energies Foundation Healing Garden will be located just outside the doors of the Reiman Center for Cancer Care and wrapping around the Healing Chapel.

Several sponsorships are available for various aspects of the Healing Garden.  To learn how you or your organization can help, click below. 

Michael Christensen MD, Radiation Oncologist, Reiman Cancer Center, Franklin, WI

“The Japanese pastime of forest bathing has a number of purported and proven benefits with regards to; health, immunity, and stress reduction.  I am thrilled that our patients will have ready access to the Conservancy for Healing and Heritage giving them, and the community at-large, an opportunity to enjoy the restorative benefits of nature.  Coupled with the Healing Chapel and Healing Garden at our site, I envision a setting where each of mind, body, and spirit can be enhanced and lifted simultaneously.”

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Anonymous responses from those who use a healing garden

“My stress levels go way down…I return to work refreshed.”

“I sit in the garden before my treatments.  It helps me deal with what they will put me through.”

“Can’t wait to visit. Did my cancer treatments at the Reiman Cancer Center.” 

Sponsor the waterfall or west gazebo

Naming rights of major features in the Garden  start at $200,000. Other sponsorships are available.   

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